InterBiSSNET® Technology Integrator Company develops and implements innovative solutions aimed at improving the customer experience, making multiple electronic channels available for the customer to interact in a coordinated, dynamic and innovative way.


To offer the market innovative solutions and services that allow our clients to improve their business management, given the high added value, successfully achieving their specific business objectives.


To be considered strategic business partners that provide comprehensive technology solutions and services, within a framework of competitiveness, social responsibility and globalisation.


At InterBiSSNET®, we understand the company as a business process to create loyal and unconditional satisfied customers. To achieve this, there is only one way: to be useful to them and to achieve a high prestige in their eyes. This is why we are convinced that technological solutions in companies are the necessary success that is essential to succeed in this globalised world.


InterBISSNET is a company whose purpose is to provide integral solutions and services in Information Technology and Systems.
We are committed to:

  1. To satisfy the requirements of each project by offering integral solutions in Information Technology to our clients, providing them with high quality services.
  2. Committed to the fulfilment of our Quality Management System and continuous improvement of our services, complying with legal and regulatory requirements.
  3. Promote the development of staff competencies, training them continuously to ensure adequate technical advice to our clients.