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Virtual Ticketing

Simple, fast and contactless.

How does it work?

Customers take a ticket

The customer enters a virtual queue by taking a ticket using one of the following channels:

Customers check their standby status on TVs

While waiting to be served, the information screens (TV's) will display promotional and informational messages and the sequence of waiting tickets until you are called.

Customers are alerted about their turn

The software QueueSmart, allows you multiple calling options, from your mobile phone via messaging and through digital screens. 

Feedback collected from clients

Once served, the customer rates their experience through any electronic channel with our solution. OlqSmart Enterprise which helps to extract data on customer experiences.

Reporting, Dashboards Predictive Analytics

Managers have access to real-time business intelligence reports and dashboards of the QueueSmart Enterprise, through a centralised reporting system.



It speeds up the checkout process
to improve customer service

- Improve customer experience
- Increased sales
- Increased cash efficiency
- Improve the impact of
Marketing campaigns.
- Intelligent personnel management
- Easy installation and integration

QueueSmart Enterprise allows you to configure the information to be displayed on the tickets issued by the dispensers (touch screen).

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